Our main aim here at Mecca Cola is to provide a delicious, halal soft drink alternative for Muslims throughout the world and we ensure all our products are halal for your peace of mind.

From the actual ingredients to the way we manufacture and produce the products we ensure everything is halal.

What we’re made of

We think it is very important that we select the right ingredients in all of our products so people like you can enjoy a variety of refreshing flavours and live more healthier and productive lives.

The ingredients throughout our range of soft drinks have been carefully selected so you can make informed choices according to your lifestyle. Our balanced range have low calorie options and lower levels of sugar which helps when making crucial health related decisions.


We have a great product development team here at Mecca Cola and we aim to continually improve our range to match your needs without compromising on the great taste.


Our unique recipe is a guarded secret with fire breathing dragons patrolling it with cast iron spears of pain. We can though, tell you we have a unique blend of ingredients delivering great flavours.

Mecca Cola Classic


Carbonated Water, Sugar, and Colour E150d (wheat gluten), acidifying: E338, Natural Aroma, Caffeine. Best before: see base of can for date

Mecca Energy


A tasty fruit flavoured sparkling power drink with Caffeine, Taurine and Vitamins.

Water, Sugar, Glucose, CO2, Citric Acid, Trisodium Citrate, Taurine (0.4%), Glucoronolactone (0.24%), Caffeine (0.03%), Inositol, Vitamins (Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, B6, B12), Flavours, Caramel: Colour E150C



We are committed to serve communities throughout the world and 20% of our profits are given to help those who are in need of help.

We are more than just a business and giving back is part of the DNA of Mecca Cola – it is the reason why Mecca Cola exists – to benefit people.


We choose to work with local, national and international charities and organisations to help those who need it most. We help people irrespective of their age, gender, religion, race or ethnicity and we do so without desiring anything in return